Globe_world_land_260880_l.jpgWelcome to the Herricks Middle School

FOREIGN LANGUAGE WEEK 2012 celebration!

Here are some rules to help you to sign up for our student-run language classes:
1. There is a limit of 25students PER CLASS. Once the class is filled, you may not sign up.
2. You may sign up for three classes only.
3. Do not delete or edit another student's name.

Here is the schedule of classes. For the complete calendar, click here:

To sign up, click on the language from the menu on the left.

Foreign Language Month Schedule of Classes
(all classes take place from 3pm-3:30pm)
Monday, March 12: Arabic and Bengali
Tuesday, March 13: Burmese and Cantonese
Wednesday, March 14: Farsi and Greek
Thursday, March 15: Gujarati and Hebrew
Friday, March 16: Hindi and Korean
Monday, March 19: Korean
Tuesday, March 20: Malayalam and Mandarin Chinese
Wednesday, March 21: Mandarin Chinese and Polish
Thursday, March 22: Sign Language and Spanish
Friday, March 23: Telugu and Urdu